Fiction bits

In response to terribleminds’ flash fiction

“And this is where the magic happens.”
A sound of an unlocking door fills the musty air, then the forcing of a old wooden door bursting open. Two young people descend on a seemingly abandoned garage. A closer look, reveals furniture draped with white cloth: a large couch, a broken lazy boy, a holey loveseat. In the corner of the room, there was an entertainment system, one of the few new items in the room.
“Uh… wow… this is it?” the girl made large strides into the room and immediately threw off the cloth from the large couch. “And this couch is… um… you need to get a new couch.”
The guy looked shrugged his shoulders and picked up the cloth off the ground. ” It doesn’t matter how outdated it looks. What matters is the magic. It’s all here at a simple, affordable price.” He rushed to the corner of the room and began turning on all the lights. “From here, I can work, play, watch TV, and even eat.” He showed her a mini fridge tucked away under his DJ table. “What more can I ask, Lilly?”
Lilly laughed. “Maybe, a maid that can spring clean this entire place? Is that the only part of the garage you’ve touched?” She pointed at the corner where he was standing at.
“Yes, but I am planning to make this little peace of paradise all of my own, don’t you worry about that.”
“Sure.” Lilly plopped onto the couch only to be met with a thick cloud dust. “It just seems ridiculous how dusty and old this place is, Mac. Like it’s straight from the 80s.”
“Well, it kind of is.”
Mac walked over to the back center of the garage where there was peeling shelves and what resembled a kitchen counter top and sink. “The best part of this place is, is that it’s made for a bachelor like myself. It even has a kitchen, counters and a refrigerator even though it’s not working at the moment. But it will get there and soon enough, there will be parties.”
Lilly laughed. “Sounds cool. Tell me how they turn out for ya.”
Mac was in the middle of grabbing a couple of shot glasses when she said that. His eyebrows immediately furrowed and his hands tightened under the liquor bottle. “I thought you were going to be there.”
Lilly’s clear eyes turned to him like pools of gray water peering straight at him. He hated that doe-eyed expression because he could not, for the life of him stay angry. “Mac, I’ve already told you I’m leaving. My mom has this idea that college is this best thing for me and sticking around here isn’t going to get me anywhere…”
Mac stayed silent.
“And honestly, what am I going to do? Hang out here day and night? Contemplate the meaning of life? You knew that this day was coming.”
“I thought you were going to change you’re mind.”
Lilly turned away. Her thin fingers reached up to her loose blond curls, twirling them tight and then letting them go. “This isn’t going to work. You chose to stay. You chose to live this unconventional life and while I was in high school, hanging out with you was fun and different and exactly what I needed but…”
Lilly tried looking at him but Mac’s back was turned to her. She could not see his uneven breath, his dark eyes closed shut, long curls hiding half his face as he looked down at the dirty counter before him. He had given up everything, absolutely everything to stay behind. Didn’t she think that he wanted to enjoy his life. too?¬† Of course, she did not see that, she was too young to realize just yet but he thought maybe, just maybe….
“I know. I just thought that things were going to work out different that’s all. After Ryan passed, I just thought maybe you would stick around for a little longer.”
“Well you thought wrong.” Her words were almost accusing. He had done nothing to provoke this hostility. The silence started to grow between them. Neither of them moved an inch.
From the opposite corner of the where both of them were at, a dartboard started wiggling against the wall as if the ground were shaking. Just as suddenly, the dart board flung itself off the wall at full speed towards Lilly. Lilly raised her right hand up almost too casually. The dart board stopped in mid air merely an inch away from her palm and her face.
“Stop being so childish.” Lilly’s hand dropped and so did the dartboard. She got up and walked over to Mac.
Mac still would not look up, he only smiled. ” Why don’t I make you a drink?”
Lilly tried searching his gaze. “You know I don’t drink.”
“Just this once. I made this drink just for you. I even named if after you. It’s called Lilly the flower.”
His hands did not move but everything around him did. The cups, the mixer, the liquor bottles. Everything moved so fast and before you knew it, there was single glass sitting between them.
“Try it.”
She still did not look away from him. “No.”
Mac finally picked up his stance and looked straight at Lilly. “Did you kill him?”
Lilly looked straight back, her soft features unusually hard. “What if I did?”
Neither of them moved. The air hung between them thick with dust of an age neither of them would ever truly know. Lilly could tell from his face that he was scared. His arms tensed and body poised to make a dash at the exit, he knew that she was much stronger and much more capable than he was.

“Why? I mean, Ryan was… he was our friend…. And the way we found him… how are you able to…?”

Smooth as stone, he thought, her face was as smooth as stone and her expression void of any emotion. He was scared, he knew she knew and that was too far to make an exit without dying.

“Ryan was a threat. He talked just like you, talking about this place that we don’t even know if it’s real. Is it? Or are just some kind of freaks that once the government finds out will be probe until we’re bits and pieces and stored in a lab. Fuck that. I’m not risking going down that path. And you’re just as stupid, thinking that someone is going to find us and take us back to our real home. Mac, this is our home and if you’re not happy with it, I guess you’re a threat too.”
She hadn’t even finished the sentence before a long, sharp blade plunged into his chest. Blood burst through his mouth and he spat at her pale face. She let him fall and watched him convulsed and choke on his own blood.
After a few moments, she picked up the glass that was next to her. “Lilly, like the flower, huh? It’s beautiful. Lavender, gin and raspberries, right? It smells delicious. ” She downed the whole glass in one go and set it back on the counter. She walked over to the coach¬† and plopped straight down. ” I started thinking, maybe I’m a threat too. Maybe this thing we have is all bad and shouldn’t exist in the world. I shouldn’t exist. Mac, you should have known I couldn’t have lived with myself. I just couldn’t.”
She closed her eyes as Mac took his last breath.