New project: Fitness 198

  One evening not too long, I sat down at a local coffee shop snuggled up in double-layered workout gear. I had whipped out my sketchbook and phone and just started sketching away. It’s been a while since I’ve sketched out any of my ideas and started on a large project so I was more [...]

Updates from an hour South of Oklahoma

So currently on Day 2 of Summer Language Institute at Austin College. The Institute is spoken all in the target language, which in my case would be Spanish. So far I have fallen in love with the campus and the town with it. Texas has also decided to grace us with temperatures at 80 or [...]

Here’s to the Summer!

  When I was going through my art stuff, organizing and finding pencils I can take to school, I found my old Gamestop badge. Back in college, I got a job there by total chance. I remember walking in and thinking like I was at a candy store. The assistant manager hired me almost instantly [...]

It’s what you do everyday

Okay, I get that. I work up groggily Saturday morning to realize that I miss an important wedding appointment, it’s close 2pm in the afternoon and the apartment is a wreck. Shit. Oh and Cappuccino is pissed. Apparently, my 5 minute walk this morning was completely unacceptable. Great way to start my Memorial day weekend. [...]