The Introverted teacher

While I was catching up on blogs I follow before reality sets in and I finally HAVE to grade those darn stack of papers, I saw an interesting looking badge proclaiming “Introversion: Personal space is good for you” at Witty Title Here. I don’t know how many times I have had to explain this to my [...]

Teachers Love Technology

As a teacher and tech junkie, I absolutely love the idea of having more technology in the classroom. I’m still working out problems with improper cell phone usage (i.e. students texting when they should be taking notes) but when I can, I use my smartboard, find useful language apps, show them videos, and periodically go [...]

A Teacher’s Experience with Emergent Task Planner

About 2-3 weeks ago, I stumbled across David Seah’s new post on ETP or Emergent Task Planner. I am currently using a planner that I ADORE but for a while, I started feeling that something was really lacking. I kept making lists after lists of things to do, invaded by sticky notes and marred by [...]

Short on time for professional dev? Filter through more tutorials efficiently

  I keep telling Jon, “every moment count, every moment brims with possibility and things I could accomplish.” If I don’t seize it, I see my schedule feeling the crunch and impending doom. I’m hoping this is temporary and soon my case of  limbo subsides. To relieve some of that accumulated stress, I decided to take on an Adobe Illustrator tutorial to help flex [...]

Cappuccino, the puppy

Patience. I think this as I stare at my chewed laptop cable and the cord from my favorite lamp. Lots and lots of PATIENCE.   I’ve never been one to follow a structure or any type of routine; actually I think that’s one of my biggest downfalls in trying achieve anything in my life. It [...]