Color: A Reference Guide

Color is used in design to attract attention, group elements, indicate meaning and enhance aesthetics. -UDP

Chunking: Design for efficient learning

  Chunking: A technique of combining many units of information into a limited number of units or chunks, so that the information is easier to process and remember. -UDP  

Short on time for professional dev? Filter through more tutorials efficiently

  I keep telling Jon, “every moment count, every moment brims with possibility and things I could accomplish.” If I don’t seize it, I see my schedule feeling the crunch and impending doom. I’m hoping this is temporary and soon my case of  limbo subsides. To relieve some of that accumulated stress, I decided to take on an Adobe Illustrator tutorial to help flex [...]

Principles of Design

My heart skipped a beat whenever I found the blue and white cover peaking from the bottom of a bookshelf. As I slipped out the book, memories from my old design class came back to me and how I never did buy the book for that class (being the broke student that I was). And [...]

Classics #3: How Minecraft Became my Motivator

To a degree, games can play a role on behavior. And recently that game has been Minecraft. When I wrote this, I had completed a couple of business cards for a friend of mind, from sketch to completion in a weekend’s time. I like games that make me think and this one definitely help get [...]