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Photo by John Levanen

Photo by John Levanen

TFC has hosted guest bloggers in the past and I’ve decided to make it a bigger part of it. I am currently looking at posts that are related to work-life balance, specifically about working on a side hustle and how you balance it with your day job.

  1.  Has to be high quality original content not published elsewhere
  2. Preferably not an article promoting products but rather articles that are informational above anything.
  3. Articles must be mostly grammar free and ready to publish.
  4. Articles could be over the following:
    •  best design practices in the topics of web design, graphic design, photography, mixed media art, and traditional art
    •  How to balance day to day stresses and hobbies
    •  Life as a writer and topics on writing in general
    •  Organization in terms of improving work flow
  5. Expect a response with 2-3 days from me since I work during the day.
  6. All guest post will include a brief bio under their article and up to 2 link backs to their website.
  7. Actual posting will usually vary depending on how many I have on queue

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