Design & Art

From design principles  to inspiration, this page will provide resources and thoughts on the subject. It will also have posts on my design series I occasionally write about.

The 80/20 Principle

 Takeaway: Cut away anything trivial that does not help or contribute to the final product.


Accessibility: A design principle

Takeaway: “Objects and environments should be designed to be usable, without modification, by as many people as possible” -definition from Universal Principles of Design


Advance Organizer: More than a Design Principle

Takeaway: A great tool for visual communication.

Chunking: Design for Efficient Learning

Takeaway: Our minds remember better visually and in relation to other things. Use chunking to improve processing and remembering information for your audience.

Color: A Reference Guide

Takeaway: Choosing the right color or understanding color theory may be an overwhelming task. If you need a starting point to get you going, this post is for you.