Enter 2014: The Year of Writing(?)

My 30 minute lunch is totally mine. I fight for it. I usually never say no to help a student during this time and will often work through my lunch. By mid Fall this year, I started majorly burning out and getting sick. My extra 5 hours or so at work were turning my health [...]

Success, scribbled.

Breaks always go so fast. The last day of school happens and bam! it’s like a race to the finish line to get absolutely everything you can done. I start to resent the 2 weeks and the responsibilities that I must do to keep everything running smoothly. I start hating the fact that I am [...]

Updates from an hour South of Oklahoma

So currently on Day 2 of Summer Language Institute at Austin College. The Institute is spoken all in the target language, which in my case would be Spanish. So far I have fallen in love with the campus and the town with it. Texas has also decided to grace us with temperatures at 80 or [...]

Here’s to the Summer!

  When I was going through my art stuff, organizing and finding pencils I can take to school, I found my old Gamestop badge. Back in college, I got a job there by total chance. I remember walking in and thinking like I was at a candy store. The assistant manager hired me almost instantly [...]

Book Hoarding & Other such Updates

This weekend I had a very Zen experience over at The Container Store. I was finally buying the milk crates/bins to store the dozens of books I had hidden in my closet and stacked unceremoniously near my desk. This would be the fourth 30 gallon plastic bin that I would dedicate simply for books. When [...]