3 Reasons why you shouldn’t resent your Job

I have had quite a few jobs throughout my college and post college life. Many of them, were less than stellar, others downright agonizing. I constantly used to ask myself, ‘Why me? Why didn’t I just find my calling and give it my all earlier?’ Months would drag by and those questions would sometimes turn [...]

Success, scribbled.

Breaks always go so fast. The last day of school happens and bam! it’s like a race to the finish line to get absolutely everything you can done. I start to resent the 2 weeks and the responsibilities that I must do to keep everything running smoothly. I start hating the fact that I am [...]

Must have been a case of Social Media fatigue

 The school year took the wind out of me. I underestimated the anticipation of the year, the chaos and excitement that it would bring. In my last post, I thought I could handle it all. I worked really hard on honoring commitments and made sure to hold true as much as I could. But I [...]

Using Automatic Writing To Get Creative Ideas

Note: The following is a guest post from Doron Hefeitz. I’ve been a professional jeweler and a creative designer for many years. One of the things that are perhaps the most challenging about being a creative artist is having to constantly come up with new design ideas, sometimes on a daily basis. While there are [...]

A Teacher’s Experience with Emergent Task Planner

About 2-3 weeks ago, I stumbled across David Seah’s new post on ETP or Emergent Task Planner. I am currently using a planner that I ADORE but for a while, I started feeling that something was really lacking. I kept making lists after lists of things to do, invaded by sticky notes and marred by [...]