The Introverted teacher

While I was catching up on blogs I follow before reality sets in and I finally HAVE to grade those darn stack of papers, I saw an interesting looking badge proclaiming “Introversion: Personal space is good for you” at Witty Title Here. I don’t know how many times I have had to explain this to my [...]

New project: Fitness 198

  One evening not too long, I sat down at a local coffee shop snuggled up in double-layered workout gear. I had whipped out my sketchbook and phone and just started sketching away. It’s been a while since I’ve sketched out any of my ideas and started on a large project so I was more [...]

Must have been a case of Social Media fatigue

 The school year took the wind out of me. I underestimated the anticipation of the year, the chaos and excitement that it would bring. In my last post, I thought I could handle it all. I worked really hard on honoring commitments and made sure to hold true as much as I could. But I [...]

Honoring Commitments

Okay, breathe. You’re totally fine, I promise. You are going to be okay. I AM okay. I find that my life has sometimes felt like a roller coaster with little room to stand on. My life is constantly changing, and my goals ever-evolving. How did I end up here? The opportunity arose and I’ve always wondered if I [...]


I haven’t decided yet whether Google calendar is my friend or my enemy ‘cause honestly, when I see those pop up reminders on my phone, no matter what it is, I cringe. I immediately hit the clear button, and that innocent little reminder just goes away. As if nothing has happened. My tortured relationship with [...]