Vacation Inspiration + Guest Post

In my naïveté, I loaded my carry-on with books and writing that needed to be done. I had this idea that all this free time would lead to super productive hours in learning, writing, reading and drawing. But guess what: none of that productive business really happened. The most I felt compelled to do was [...]

5 Must-Read Books Of The Year

Note: The following guest post is Kate McGillicuddy who compiled this inspirational books to get you going for the new year. Enjoy! If you’re looking for an entertaining, thought-provoking book to read this holiday season, check out this list!

An Introduction To Various Painting Styles

Note: The following is a guest from Geoff Jackson Art has no definition, no discrimination, no hate, and no limitation. Not everyone can be labelled an artist, as a true artist is someone who enables you to feel and express through his/her piece. Abstract, expressionism, impressionism, realism, and surrealism are just a few styles of [...]

Using Automatic Writing To Get Creative Ideas

Note: The following is a guest post from Doron Hefeitz. I’ve been a professional jeweler and a creative designer for many years. One of the things that are perhaps the most challenging about being a creative artist is having to constantly come up with new design ideas, sometimes on a daily basis. While there are [...]