Interview with Donald Silwick

I recently chatted with Donald Silwick, a fellow designer. He is a marketing professional, blogger, and freelancer focusing on unique design and copywriting. He has been putting his talents to use since 2010 and has proudly served clients both domestic and international. Donald holds a BS in Communication Studies from Towson University and is currently [...]

On Art: An open letter to an art professor

This is going to sound cheesy but I feel it necessary. Years and years after making one of the biggest risks of my life (going to college and majoring in Arts and Technology) what I have learned in that career still affects me today. I have grown creatively, more than I would have imagined and [...]

Color: A Reference Guide

Color is used in design to attract attention, group elements, indicate meaning and enhance aesthetics. -UDP

New project: Fitness 198

  One evening not too long, I sat down at a local coffee shop snuggled up in double-layered workout gear. I had whipped out my sketchbook and phone and just started sketching away. It’s been a while since I’ve sketched out any of my ideas and started on a large project so I was more [...]

Chunking: Design for efficient learning

  Chunking: A technique of combining many units of information into a limited number of units or chunks, so that the information is easier to process and remember. -UDP