Enter 2014: The Year of Writing(?)

these mini composition notebooks make me smile.

mini composition notebooks make me smile.

My 30 minute lunch is totally mine. I fight for it. I usually never say no to help a student during this time and will often work through my lunch. By mid Fall this year, I started majorly burning out and getting sick. My extra 5 hours or so at work were turning my health to crap and my motivation to mush. So I started simple. I took back my lunch and made it into what it was meant to be: my 30-minute writing pow-wow. :P

Writing, reading, drawing…  they all have this certain effect on me. Every time I do any three of these things, I feel ready to take on the rest of my day and greet my students with an even bigger smile. So maybe this year might be The Year of Writing. I feel like this would be an appropriate “theme” for this year.

Taking small bites for my BIG goals of the year:

1. This 30 day writing challenge. I tend to skip days due to sheer exhaustion/running out of time in the day but I am determined to at least get through all 30 days of writing.

2. The working out. This, for the time being, will come before writing. My health right now is important so in conjunction with exercising, I have been cooking my own meals at home.

3. The reading. Recently downloaded Lift on my phone, as suggested by  Goins’ writing challenge. I decided to include a couple of other things that I wanted to change like make more reading time and less TV watching. It’s actually been a great motivator and reminder.

4. The tests. This is under projects. I mentioned this before but I am hoping by having this Lift and setting up my work space to encourage this habit of studying at least for 30 minutes a day. Got to stop my procrastinating ways.

6. Travel goals. I have been wanting to travel since the moment I stopped but have never made an attempt to actively pursuing these goals. I always just dreamed. Last year, something just clicked and I realized that in order to get there I had to plan, plan, plan. Money and time isn’t just going to plop out of the sky. During my free time, I plan out my future itinerary and sketch out how much I need to save and reach my future destinations.

7. Taking blog ideas, writing and projects one day at a time. I enjoy writing and blogging but I have more ideas than I have time for. I tend to get overwhelmed and frustrated that I don’t have everything “perfect.” Perfect doesn’t exist so I might as well get over it. 

8. Connecting  and reconnecting with other like-minded people. Whether it be online or not, I think it’s important to surround yourself through like-minded people. It’s hard sometimes because I tend to be incredibly busy and I live an hour away from the closest city. But I’m determined and if I’m determined enough, I think I can make this work.

Last but not least

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