Updates from an hour South of Oklahoma

Austin College

One of my favorite parts of campus, where the trees were the oldest

So currently on Day 2 of Summer Language Institute at Austin College. The Institute is spoken all in the target language, which in my case would be Spanish. So far I have fallen in love with the campus and the town with it. Texas has also decided to grace us with temperatures at 80 or below, which is downright strange for July. It makes walking around campus all the more enjoyable.


There will be posts!

Before I head off to do “homework, ” I feel the need to mention a couple of things about the blog. I have decided to start updating once every 2 weeks. I know that right now it has been inconsistent but I feel right now two weeks seems manageable. Entering my second year, I should have a better grip on work and (hopefully) more time for writing.


There will be fiction!

Also, you will see posts about writing life with a job and simply writing in general. There’s been a couple of writing projects that I feel like I have been neglecting these past few years that need some love. Once I get going on that, I will be posting on that.


There will be guest writing!

I am a perfectionist and more so with content that I try to publish on other blogs. Because of my limited time, I may just take one a month or so. Topics are but not limited to: fiction writing, writing routine, design, design principles, art, video games, and teaching (foreign language, etc.).

And from my list, what I’ve gotten accomplished:

  1. Take my ESL supplement certification exam (see this for updates)
  2. Finish any outstanding teaching certification stuff (Almost!)
  3. Relearn French through the uber fun Duolingo. (postponed till further notice)
  4. Sketch out Spanish website for my department (no need for it. Things got changed up last minute)
  5. Write more (blog, stories, other blogs) (check!)
  6. Read a book.  (check and check!)
  7. Work out consistently  (joined a Crossfit box Nov ’13)

 UPDATE: Crossing off things that I finished and some that I have postponed.

So far so good! Hope everyone else summer plans are going great too!