Here’s to the Summer!

Oh the memories!

There was a day when I was paid to talk about video games (and annoying customers ) nonstop at work. :)


When I was going through my art stuff, organizing and finding pencils I can take to school, I found my old Gamestop badge. Back in college, I got a job there by total chance. I remember walking in and thinking like I was at a candy store. The assistant manager hired me almost instantly and it was the best 3 years of a job that I could have asked for because I had the best coworkers ever.

I think a lot of it had to do with our conversations, our dreams and our plans for the future. I still like to think I have the same enthusiasm though sometimes I get worn down by the realities of life, circumstance and things beyond my control. But I can say that everywhere I have gone, I have learned so much from the people I’ve worked with more than anything. And that is something I will be forever thankful.

After the storm.

I woke yesterday in sheer panic and then I remembered it was summer. Sweet, peaceful summer where I felt like myself again. I couldn’t believe that I had survived my first year of teaching. It has been one of the bigger accomplishments in my life so far and I really do feel like I can take on the world. I hope my students know that they have inspired me as much as I tried to be an inspiration to them. Their dreams are so beautiful and hope they take it and run with it, no matter what. I hope they understand that their dreams will be their fuel through the hard times.

And so these plans…

I wanted these summer’s plans to reflect my dreams that I promised to myself that I would continue working on no matter what. And also things that make me happy. Such as this:


Games I would like to play/finish this summer.

Later on this summer I plan to publish a life list. This is actually inspired by Doniree’s life list (which is totally awesome btw). I also discovered some pretty neat stories on Wattpad and I have a beautiful stack of books sitting next to me waiting to be read.

Some things I will accomplish this June:

  1. Take my ESL supplement certification exam
  2. Finish any outstanding teaching certification stuff
  3. Relearn French through the uber fun Duolingo.
  4. Sketch out Spanish website for my department
  5. Write more (blog, stories, other blogs)
  6. Read a book. :P
  7. Work out consistently  (I’m also on Fitocracy. Loving the site!)

The rest is sitting on the “inactive” part of my whiteboard. This summer, I think, is going to be awesome. :D

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