Book Hoarding & Other such Updates

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This weekend I had a very Zen experience over at The Container Store. I was finally buying the milk crates/bins to store the dozens of books I had hidden in my closet and stacked unceremoniously near my desk. This would be the fourth 30 gallon plastic bin that I would dedicate simply for books. When I got home, I realized that it wasn’t enough. I still had at least another 30 books left without a bin.

Um, why don’t I simply buy bookshelves, you say? ‘Cause right now, I don’t see the point. This apartment is not permanent and we may move soon so why waste the money and energy to gloriously display my husband’s and I’s books? Therefore we look a mess of book hoarders finding ways to stash our books somewhere, anywhere as long as it does not get in the way (it’s not nearly as bad as before but at one point, I felt like I really was gonna tear my hair our and turn pyro).

So the main updates are…

…moving is definitely on the horizon. Jon and I are hoping to find a place that our lovely dog can have a backyard to prance about and for our books to have a proper home. Honestly, I absolutely cannot wait!!!!

Writing publicly more often is on the horizon too. I’ve been writing a ton on my experiences as a first year teacher and continue to do so. The amount that I’ve learned is almost overwhelming and I’ve noticed my notes seem almost incomprehensible to anyone else aside from me. I have been looking at guest posting elsewhere and completing the design series I’ve started so long ago at some point.

Graphics and collaboration. Some of my friends have been insistent that I help them on a website and I’ve also been approached to do some graphic design. I was so sad to have to decline but explain that my first year teaching was taking quite a bit more than what I was expecting (oh the perfectionist in me…). I am currently helping my friends set up a website but my collaboration so far has been pretty minimal. This summer and during breaks, however, I will be in full force, fingers crossed.

Arts and Gaming. The saddest update of them all. Recently, Raptr send me a 2012 gaming summary. Initially excited, I peeked in and then was faced with the dreadful truth: 2 games the whole year? And I haven’t even finished them? Whaaaa? That just couldn’t be right but alas, my 360 confirmed it. Drawing hasn’t been too bad since I use it as breaks and an excuse to watch TV. Hopes for the summer are: paint and WAAAAY more color in my life. Been collecting painting palettes on Pinterest (and my obsession with pinning grows deeper…)

Anyways, this is it for now