It’s what you do everyday

Okay, I get that. I work up groggily Saturday morning to realize that I miss an important wedding appointment, it’s close 2pm in the afternoon and the apartment is a wreck. Shit. Oh and Cappuccino is pissed. Apparently, my 5 minute walk this morning was completely unacceptable. Great way to start my Memorial day weekend.

After several hours of waddling about, I started cleaning in earnest. I opened the windows, I whipped out my steam cleaner, and I walked the dog. I found my old speakers, dusty from neglect and blasted some dubstep for motivation. Everything seemed to be going well and I even get some art and Battlestar Galactica in.

Aside from the obvious mistakes, I think I did ok.

Something, however, was terribly amiss. It didn’t matter how much I cleaned the counters, and rearranged the few pieces of furniture in my possession, this was not home. Unlike many other young people who are just itching to find something that will allow them go anywhere, I am itching for a place called home.  A traveling job would be simple awesome IF I had a home somewhere that I know I wouldn’t be leaving in a year or less. Not that I am in such a position but between Jon and I finding jobs and getting married, we’ve been moving more often than not.

This is simply the nature of the beast: trying to pursue my passions, more education so I can eventually snag better employment. *sigh* In due time… all in due time. One of the ways to combat this uncertainty, is by establishing routine as Jonathan Fields  would say. Do not worry about the things you don’t have any control over.

What’s happening behind the scenes 5/29/12

  1.  Working on Code Academy lessons daily, (So far, I’ve been bad about weekends :P )
  2. Gathering inspiration and notes for my next design principle Accessibility
  3. Cleaning up a my grandmother’s old portrait. Eventually I would like it printed and framed as a gift.
  4. Started reading Steve Jobs biography, my next book in a stack of books I got for Christmas. Really excited about this book.

Other ideas I’ve been mulling over.

  1. Book reviews: This year, unlike others past, I’ve been heavy on reading. There’s been times in which I go back and reread work in an attempt to make it stick. Which has me thinking, I would like to document especially notable pieces in posts. Might try that with Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer.
  2. Adding a dedicated section on this site for work I’ve completed to complement my “Projects” page.

Until next week! :)

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