Where there are no Daydreams.

My desk at work is usually clean. I like to see the deep wood color even though it’s obviously fake. I love to have color surround my space and white papers always have made me edgy.  I love color but I can’t seem to paint or do anything with it and white walls are so [...]

What tiptoeing and running in Limbo feels like

…Writing, teaching, wedding… This is the small mantra-like phrase that has been racing through my head for the past month. I had to choose only a few things to focus on and crossed my fingers and pray they all fell in place. I had a knack of getting myself in these situations for the past [...]

Way out of my pretty little Comfort Zone

So this week there are a few updates:

Classics #3: How Minecraft Became my Motivator

To a degree, games can play a role on behavior. And recently that game has been Minecraft. When I wrote this, I had completed a couple of business cards for a friend of mind, from sketch to completion in a weekend’s time. I like games that make me think and this one definitely help get [...]