Interview with Donald Silwick

I recently chatted with Donald Silwick, a fellow designer. He is a marketing professional, blogger, and freelancer focusing on unique design and copywriting. He has been putting his talents to use since 2010 and has proudly served clients both domestic and international. Donald holds a BS in Communication Studies from Towson University and is currently [...]

3 Reasons why you shouldn’t resent your Job

I have had quite a few jobs throughout my college and post college life. Many of them, were less than stellar, others downright agonizing. I constantly used to ask myself, ‘Why me? Why didn’t I just find my calling and give it my all earlier?’ Months would drag by and those questions would sometimes turn [...]

New page: Fiction bits

I am trying my hand at writing fiction again. Like I said before, I have been trying to complete Goins’ 31 day writing challenge as a way to challenge myself to include more writing in my daily schedule. I have found, however, several obstacles that have impeded success in this challenge. Some of them include: