Enter 2014: The Year of Writing(?)

My 30 minute lunch is totally mine. I fight for it. I usually never say no to help a student during this time and will often work through my lunch. By mid Fall this year, I started majorly burning out and getting sick. My extra 5 hours or so at work were turning my health [...]

On Art: An open letter to an art professor

This is going to sound cheesy but I feel it necessary. Years and years after making one of the biggest risks of my life (going to college and majoring in Arts and Technology) what I have learned in that career still affects me today. I have grown creatively, more than I would have imagined and [...]

Color: A Reference Guide

Color is used in design to attract attention, group elements, indicate meaning and enhance aesthetics. -UDP

5 Must-Read Books Of The Year

Note: The following guest post is Kate McGillicuddy who compiled this inspirational books to get you going for the new year. Enjoy! If you’re looking for an entertaining, thought-provoking book to read this holiday season, check out this list!

Success, scribbled.

Breaks always go so fast. The last day of school happens and bam! it’s like a race to the finish line to get absolutely everything you can done. I start to resent the 2 weeks and the responsibilities that I must do to keep everything running smoothly. I start hating the fact that I am [...]