5 Reasons the Modern Reader isn’t reading

Most schools rarely give out textbooks anymore and opt out for netbooks, ipads or condense materials into handouts. Books, it seems in most cases. seem uncommon in our day to day lives. So why does it matter? These changes mean that readers’ habits have been changing with them. Below I noted 5 reasons that I [...]

I shouldn’t walk into bookstores.

As I’ve said before, I live in the middle of nowhere. I find any excuse to go back to my lovely, traffic-congested Dallas. This past Saturday I made a lunch date with my good college friend Cara who I hadn’t seen in months. With her and some of my old college buddies, we started ┬ábi-weekly [...]

Here’s to the Summer!

  When I was going through my art stuff, organizing and finding pencils I can take to school, I found my old Gamestop badge. Back in college, I got a job there by total chance. I remember walking in and thinking like I was at a candy store. The assistant manager hired me almost instantly [...]