A Teacher’s Experience with Emergent Task Planner

About 2-3 weeks ago, I stumbled across David Seah’s new post on ETP or Emergent Task Planner. I am currently using a planner that I ADORE but for a while, I started feeling that something was really lacking. I kept making lists after lists of things to do, invaded by sticky notes and marred by a multitude of highlighters. It has seen some better days but as you can see, it’s still holding up nicely.

Planner 2


My messy handwriting doesn't help

Since my life is constantly changing (getting married, starting a new job, moving to a new town), my approach on how to deal is changing too. The “planner” I used at the beginning of last year consisted of Google calendar that kept track of important days. I kept a sticky note on my computer on everything I wanted to get done at home.

Sticky notes

How it helps the Teacher in Training

The great thing about the ETP is that it’s very straight forward: It contains the 3 most important thing you MUST get done that day no matter what. It adds urgency that my planner seemed to lack. Having it at the top insured it was the first thing I saw as I reviewed my day.

Another feature I love, is the side of the ETP. Because I am a high school teacher, I took this sidebar and broke it down to 7 class periods. On them, I write notes about what went well, if we stopped earlier or later than intended on my lesson plans and behavioral problems I encountered. It conveniently has 2 spots for mid break (lunch) and late break (dinner) along with the more spaces for (what I assumed) after work schedule (perfect for my after hour to-dos!).

way better and a lot more space. My handwriting can't be helped though. :/

These section is dedicated to overflow tasks that arises throughout the day but most importantly the day’s lesson. It was better than what I kept using (sticky note after sticky note or worse, scrap pieces of paper I kept losing) and the size made it perfect that I did not seem to take over my desk.


David Seah ETP

I love everything that this website has to offer and this has been by far my favorite tool to keep on schedule as a teacher. Its clean design, versatile uses, and its space for notes that I was majorly lacking on my traditional planner makes a great addition to my work routine.

Visit David Seah’s site for more updates on this planner! He’s also planning a full blown notebook which I am looking forward too :)