Short on time for professional dev? Filter through more tutorials efficiently

  I keep telling Jon, “every moment count, every moment brims with possibility and things I could accomplish.” If I don’t seize it, I see my schedule feeling the crunch and impending doom. I’m hoping this is temporary and soon my case of  limbo subsides. To relieve some of that accumulated stress, I decided to take on an Adobe Illustrator tutorial to help flex [...]

What tiptoeing and running in Limbo feels like

…Writing, teaching, wedding… This is the small mantra-like phrase that has been racing through my head for the past month. I had to choose only a few things to focus on and crossed my fingers and pray they all fell in place. I had a knack of getting myself in these situations for the past [...]

Way out of my pretty little Comfort Zone

So this week there are a few updates:

Accessibility: A design principle

As I re-read the Universal Principles of Design, I questioned whether or not it would be wise to list all of the principles in the book. I wanted to take the principles that would most relate to where I wanted to take this site: a haven of learning, design, and technology. But expressing what I [...]