Way out of my pretty little Comfort Zone

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So this week there are a few updates:

1. I think I got hired as a Spanish teacher. o.0; This is possibly the most uncomfortable, scariest thing I might have done in my life. I’ve been passionate about learning and traveling since as long as I can remember. It will be challenging yes, outside my nice little comfort zone but I have resolved that I shouldn’t shy away from things that seem difficult, impossible or scary. Try at least once. If it doesn’t work out, don’t be ashamed to pick up the pieces and move on.

2. I recently joined The Next Big Writer site. I don’t know as many writers as I used to that are in need of editing so I figured I could join a site for writers that might need it. So far it’s been fun. Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m in a critiquing mood lately. I’ve also found this site: Writers’ Garret. It might be worth trying to visit an active writing community, even if it means a drive for me.

3. Still working on my grandma’s portrait. I’ve been slow on this one because of wedding planning and completing my alternative certification.

4. Which comes to wedding crap. This is so fucking stressful. I blame David Tutera and all those stupid reality shows for giving me the silly notion that a full-on wedding is even necessary. I think I would be just as happy if I had originally decided to elope and go on a crazy expensive honeymoon.

5. I’ve been writing ALOT. I’m hoping to contribute to other sites that I admire a bunch. Crossing my fingers and hoping they go well. Again, something that I’m insanely uncomfortable but totally getting over with.

6. Last but not least, I’ve been looking at travel destinations for after the wedding the wedding is over. . Being a Spanish teacher also means summers, something I haven’t had in a three years. Traveling and learning is beautiful and I can’t wait to finally set my next destination in stone.

This week, I was telling my best friend that I was like one of those people that never settle. I had this constant need to discover, explore, and I made mistakes all the time. I didn’t like the mistakes but I dealt and tried not to feel too bad about them.

All these goals, have pushed me out of my comfort zone. A long time ago, I realized staying in the comfy-ness of everyday life, ultimately didn’t lead me to all those goals I eventually wanted to accomplish. Traveling, writing, drawing…. most of these were okay in daydreams but feels different when you’re actually experiencing it. Even though it is taking me a while, I can’t wait to see the results and the places I will see. So here’s to crossing my fingers and living with intention!