Cappuccino, the puppy

Patience. I think this as I stare at my chewed laptop cable and the cord from my favorite lamp. Lots and lots of PATIENCE.   I’ve never been one to follow a structure or any type of routine; actually I think that’s one of my biggest downfalls in trying achieve anything in my life. It [...]

Principles of Design

My heart skipped a beat whenever I found the blue and white cover peaking from the bottom of a bookshelf. As I slipped out the book, memories from my old design class came back to me and how I never did buy the book for that class (being the broke student that I was). And [...]

Success doesn’t come overnight

I remind myself this as I print out countless of copies, paperclip each on carefully, and tuck them away in a drawer. There are calls to make, more things to file and everything around me is busy with activity.

Classics #4: How Design and Technology help Learning

Since Jon started teaching, I’ve been putting a lot of thought into education. I think the reason being is that education viewed from a student’s perspective doesn’t seem as important as someone who is already professional looking back at his or her life as a student.