Cappuccino, the puppy

Patience. I think this as I stare at my chewed laptop cable and the cord from my favorite lamp. Lots and lots of PATIENCE.


I’ve never been one to follow a structure or any type of routine; actually I think that’s one of my biggest downfalls in trying achieve anything in my life. It took me years even master the basics of scheduling my time for “personal development,” projects I’m collaborating, and following up with people. Then it took me a while longer to follow my own self imposed schedule, consistently, without 2-3 weeks gaps at a time (I admit this is somewhat of a work in progress).

And then there’s Cappuccino.

My precious little cashew

Dogs work best on routine. They learn from it, roots out most of their anxiety concerning security and what their expectations should be. From what I concluded from my research, structure and routine helps a puppy grow to happy, emotionally healthy dog.


This has been hard. Many times I feel like I’m failing him as his “doggie parent.” What if the structure I set up for him is not effective at all? What if I don’t dedicate enough time and attention to him? What if he gets mentally bored or frustrated? Will the cats ever get along with him? When I go to work, these are the questions I end up mulling over hours before I see him. It actually fills me with some anxiety to tell you the truth.


Learning and Design

Life is a sum of all your choices.
– Albert Camus

And that, it is. I can’t worry and mull over what I’m doing wrong. I just have to ACT and hope what I’m doing is positive and outweigh any negative I might be doing. Design and art is the same thing: I can’t focus on perfection, I need to focus on completion and move on. Progress, therefore, is the sum of all I’m working on, whether it turns out to be good work or bad. Life is not a straight line so why do I keep forcing it to be?

So when I see my puppy cock his head to the side and try to really learn what it is I want, I’ll remember: patience. Life is the sum of everything I have done and will do. And that really is the beauty of it.