Classics #3: How Minecraft Became my Motivator

To a degree, games can play a role on behavior. And recently that game has been Minecraft. When I wrote this, I had completed a couple of business cards for a friend of mind, from sketch to completion in a weekend’s time. I like games that make me think and this one definitely help get [...]

Classics #2: For the moonlighter

Though my routine has more or less changed, my other 8 hours is a crucial part of my day. Though this book had much left to be desired, it served as a starting point to what would become this post. Best take away from it though: maximize every hour that you have outside of work. [...]

Classics: When I Climbed a Mountain

As a commemoration to the rebirth of TFC, I wanted to draw from previous content published here. This first one is from around the time I dreamed of The Flying Cashew, as I looked on top  the mountain.