The “myth” of the 10,000 hour rule

Unpacking my belongings at a new place has always brought a sense of hope and renewal. Not so much the grueling moving of the actual boxes, furniture, and plastic bags but the aftermath: a quiet but chaotic sensation that a new chapter of your life is just beginning. This feeling remained as I opened that one box […]


The Library: Re-envisioned

The following is a post that can be found on that I really enjoyed writing. Since I know these collections of thoughts may evolve over time, I have decided to re-post it here for safekeeping.  My obsessions with libraries were in the details. The closeness of the bookshelves, the smell of each individual book, the […]


NaNoWriMo 2014: The aftermath

  At this point, I shouldn’t expect my life to be anything more of a whirlwind of change and craziness. I should learn, however, to remain grounded in the face of change. This is the biggest lesson I have learned this year amid a vacation to my home country, end to a really rough school year and […]