The Library: Re-envisioned

The following is a post that can be found on Medium.com that I really enjoyed writing. Since I know these collections of thoughts may evolve over time, I have decided to re-post it here for safekeeping.  My obsessions with libraries were in the details. The closeness of the bookshelves, the smell of each individual book, the […]


NaNoWriMo 2014: The aftermath

  At this point, I shouldn’t expect my life to be anything more of a whirlwind of change and craziness. I should learn, however, to remain grounded in the face of change. This is the biggest lesson I have learned this year amid a vacation to my home country, end to a really rough school year and […]

Donald at work :)

Interview with Donald Silwick

I recently chatted with Donald Silwick, a fellow designer. He is a marketing professional, blogger, and freelancer focusing on unique design and copywriting. He has been putting his talents to use since 2010 and has proudly served clients both domestic and international. Donald holds a BS in Communication Studies from Towson University and is currently […]